Weymouth : 'The Golden Lion'


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Weymouth Sands

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A visit to the Weymouth Sands of John Cowper Powys     [ ⇒ continue... ]

"Sink into your soul. Say to yourself:—'Here am I, a living, conscious self, surrounded by walls, streets, pavements, houses and roofs. Above me is the boundless sky, beneath me the solid earth...'"
(A Philosophy of Solitude)



The perturbed man now crossed the road and leaving the old King's statue behind him plunged into the town. He strode so fast along the outside edge of the pavement of St Mary's Street, passing the Parish church and the Guildhall, and, to make quicker progress, stepping frequently into the road to avoid the crowd, that he had scarce time to beat down the image of Perdita before he came among the dark warehouses and narrow alleys and reached the Tap Entrance of the Weeping Woman.
   He was warmly welcomed by Miss Guppy, the barmaid, who paused in her service of other clients to mix his gin and bitters; and he was soon ensconced in his favourite seat at the end of the counter.(...)
   Leaving the Weeping Woman the Jobber now turned down a short dark alley between high warehouses. Several of these buildings possessed open loft-windows, from which iron chains and dangling ropes, used for lowering bundles of hay and sacks of flour, hung suspended above the narrow pavement. Others, rented by some of the smaller ships' chandlers, had windows in them of very thick glass, through which, where they were not shuttered for the night, all manner of varieties of rope and twine could be seen, piled up between bundles of sail-cloth and interspersed with old, disused, second-hand, nautical instruments.

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