A desolate place


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Weymouth Sands

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A visit to the Weymouth Sands of John Cowper Powys     [ ⇒ continue... ]

When, in a still further movement of analysis we examine the nature of this struggle between the soul and the mystery which surrounds the soul, we find it complicated by the fact that the soul's encounter with this mystery reveals the existence, in the depths of the soul itself, of two conflicting emotions, the emotion of love and the emotion of malice.
(The Complex Vision)



   "Here's Last House!" cried the Jobber when they had gone some distance along a straight dusty road, bordered by the same monotonous stone walls that gave the whole place its character...
   Perdita surveyed a dingy discoloured stucco wall, with a couple of symmetrical stone windows and a pair of cracked chimneys above them, looking like the pricked-up ears of a startled ass. Between the house and the road were heavy, massive, iron railings, and five cement steps led up to the door. Upon the surface of these steps both green moss and yellow lichen, in variegated patches of contrasting colour, were growing very freely. There were two cement posts with iron rings in them at the bottom of these steps, between which hung a rusty chain, firmly padlocked in the centre. By the side of this padlock someone had once, long ago, tied a luggage-label which, turned yellow with age, served as a sort of weather-vane for the snails that explored that desolate spot. And this luggage-label, as it stirred in the faint airs of this halcyon day, flickered almost imperceptibly north-north-west.

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