The Powys Review  No. 6   (1979/1980)

B. Humfrey: Editorial
P. Easingwood: "J. C . Powys and America"
M. Tjader: "J. C. Powys and T. Dreiser: A Friendship"
N. Bryson: "Universe and 'Multiverse': J. C. Powys as a Critic of Dreiser's Fiction"
J. C. Powys: "Four Essays on Dreiser"
J. C . Powys: "Elusive America" (1927); "Farewell to America" (1935)
N. Lukacher: "Notre-Homme-des-Fleurs: Wolf Solent's Metaphoric Legends"
J. Clemo: "Mappowder Revisited"
P. J. Foss: "Llewelyn Powys: Towards a Reconsideration"