The Powys Review  Nos. 31-32  (1997)

R. Garlick: "Four Poems on J. C. Powys"
J. Boulter: "J. C. Powys's [De]construction of Welsh Identity in Porius"
R. Wood: "Epilepsy and Ecstatic Experiences in the novels of J. C. Powys"
J. Peltier: "Powys - and the Pleasures of Proust?"
S. Rands: "The Glastonbury Libel"
E. Schenkel: "From Powys to Pooh: Some Versions of Taoism in British and American Literature"
J. C. Powys: "Poem: 'The Occult Madonna' (1906)"
J. Resnick: "Remembering J. C. Powys"

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Cover photograph: J. C. Powys in the doorway of 1 Waterloo, Blaenau Ffestiniog (photograph: R. Garlick)