The Powys Review  No. 25  (1990)

M. Patterson: "The Origins of J. C. Powys's Myrddin Wyllt"
P. Christensen: "The Marriage of Myth and History in J. C. Powys's Porius"
D. Price: "Repetitions:Weston and Pickwick"
G. Fromm: "The Letters of Dorothy Richardson and J. C. Powys"
D. Gerard ed: "Letters from J. C. Powys to James Hanley"
T. Hallett: "Ramsgard to Blacksod, continued"
S. Rands: "The Gateposts at Stalbridge Park"
J. E. Bellamy: "The Powys Monuments"

Cover: Margaret Jones, illustration to The Lady of the Fountain: the blackman