The Powys Review  No. 15  (1984/1985)

J. C . Powys: "Llewelyn Powys, Writer"
I. Hughes: "The Beginnings of Maiden Castle"
S. Rands: "Maiden Castle: Symbol, Theme and Personality"
A. Blaen: "Maiden Castle and the Celtic Calendar"
J. C . Powys: "The Magic of Detachment" (1933); "Egotism and Personality" (1934)
D. Goodway: "The Politics of J. C. Powys"
J. V. Barbera: "A Powys's Bridal Night and Stevie Smith"
B. Gunnel: "T. F. Powys in his Time"

Cover design from a portait of Llewelyn Powys by Gertrude Powys