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Number One Spring 1977

Editorial 5

George Steiner The Difficulties of Reading John Cowper Powys 7

Angus Wilson John Cowper Powys as a Novelist 13

G. Wilson Knight John Cowper Powys as Humorist 27

Papers Read to the Powys Society, 1968-1976  34

Checklist of Writings on J.C.Powys and his critics, 1972-1976  34

Number Two Winter 1977

Editorial 1

Richard Luckett T. F. Powys: Aspects of his Language 3

Michael Roulstone Llewelyn Powys 11

Ben Jones The Disfigurement of Gerda: Moral and Textual Problems in Wolf Solent 20

T. J. Diffey John Cowper Powys and Philosophy 27

Timothy Hyman The Religion of a Sceptic 40

Glen Cavaliero Phoenix and Serpent: D. H. Lawrence and John Cowper Powys 51

Stephen Allen The Real Mynydd-y-Gaer 59

Oliver Marlow Wilkinson John Cowper Powys in Love 61

John Cowper Powys in America to T. F. Powys: Letters 1923-1929   67

Reviews 75

Research Theses on John Cowper Powys,
Recently Completed and in Progress 81

An Enquiry 81

Notes on Contributors 81

Dante Thomas A Bibliography of the Writings of John Cowper Powys: 1872-1963

Glen Cavaliero The Rural Tradition in the English Novel 1900-1939

Number Three Summer 1978

Editorial 1

A Tribute to a Friend, Sylvia Townsend Warner: T. F. Powys's Foreword to
A Moral Ending, (1931) 5

T. F. Powys Three Stories: Hast Thou Found Honey; Harlot Honey; The Scapegoat  7

Peter Riley T. F. Powys at Mappowder: A consideration of his fiction in the light of the final twenty years of non-writing 17

John Toft John Cowper Powys's Atlantis  32

Kim Taplin No Man's Girl and Other Borrowings 42

Barbara Dennis Two Views of Matthew Arnold:
A Note on John Cowper Powys's Place as a Literary Critic 46

Emyr Humphreys Arnold in Wonderland 49

John Cowper Powys's Inscriptions to Elsa Vaudrey: Some Explanatory Notes by
Belinda Humfrey (Plates 1 to 10) 59

J. C. Powys to T. F. Powys: Some Letters from Wales, 1935--1949,
assembled by Alasdair Tilson 71
(Plates 11 to 14)

John Cowper Powys, The Real and the Ideal,
reprinted from Spain and the World, Supplement, May, 1938 78

Rosemary Manning Alyse Gregory: A Biographical Sketch
based on her Published and Private Writings 80

Reviews 99

The Powys Family Tree composed by Clare Stephens 104

Odds and Ends 106

Notes on Contributors 106

T. F. Powys Mr Tasker's Gods
William Hunter The Novels and Stories of T. F. Powys

Kenneth White The Life-Technique of John Cowper Powys

Number Four Winter/Spring 1978/1979

Editorial 1
(Plates A and B)

T. F. Powys No Wine: a story 4

Glen Cavaliero T. F. Powys in Dorset: a poem 8

Llewelyn Powys Conversations with Theodore, 1931  9
(Plate C)

Gerard Casey Three Christian Brothers 14

Timothy Hyman John Cowper Powys and Religion:
Dostoievsky as the type of the Prophetic Artist 21

J. M. Turner Life Illusion and Stupid Being 25

Peter Easingwood John Cowper Powys and the Pleasures of Literature 29

Jeremy Hooker T. F. Powys: "The Bass Note" 35

Ian Hamilton T. F. Powys and the Bible 44

Patricia Vaughan Dawson The Brazen Head Sculptures and Etchings 55
(Plates 1 to 8)

Sonia Tilson John Cowper Powys and Kenneth Hopkins 65

Ned Thomas Obstinate Cymric 75

Elmar Schenkel John Cowper Powys: The Literary Reception in Germany 79

Reviews 82

Letters to the Editor 85

Notes on Contributors 87

G. Wilson Knight The Saturnian Quest: John Cowper Powys - A Study of his Prose Works   ROLAND MATHIAS 82

Number Five Summer 1979 Volume II i

Editorial 5

Glen Cavaliero Sylvia Townsend Warner:
an appreciation 6

Sylvia Townsend Warner Theodore Powys and Some Friends at East Chaldon, 1922--1927:
A Narrative and Some Letters 13

Harry Coombes Mr. Tasker's Gods  27

Martyn Branford The Starting Point: The Early Fiction of T. F. Powys and Kate Roberts 34

Michel Pouillard T. F. Powys and the Theatre 45

Carole Coates Gerda and Christie 55

Charles Lock " 'Multiverse' . . . language which makes language impossible" 63

G. Wilson Knight A Preface Composed for Ichiro Hara's Translation of Mortal Strife  75

T. J. Diffey Poems for John Cowper Powys 78

Anthony Dyer William Powys: an appreciation 81

Reviews 85

Letters to the Editor 91

Notes on Contributors 93

Robert Gittings and Jo Manton The Second Mrs. Hardy   F. B. PINION 85

Roland Mathias The Hollowed-Out Elder Stalk. John Cowper Powys as Poet

Jeremy Hooker John Cowper Powys and David Jones: A Comparative Study

Number Six Winter/Spring, 1979/1980 Volume II ii

Editorial 5

Peter Easingwood John Cowper Powys and America 7

Marguerite Tjader John Cowper Powys and Theodore Dreiser: A Friendship 16

Norman Bryson Universe and "Multiverse": John Cowper Powys as a Critic of Dreiser's Fiction 24

John Cowper Powys Four Essays on Dreiser:
Theodore Dreiser [ The 'Genius '] (1915) 33
An American Tragedy, (1926) 38
Dreiser, (1932) 43
Introduction to Notes on Life, (1946) 46

John Cowper Powys Elusive America, (1927) 50
Farewell to America, (1935) 54

Ned Lukacher Notre-Homme-des-Fleurs: Wolf Solent's Metaphoric Legends 64

Jack Clemo Mappowder Revisited 74

Peter John Foss Llewelyn Powys: Towards a Reconsideration 75

Letters to the Editor 81

Reviews 83

Notes on Contributors 97

Jay Martin Always Merry and Bright / The Life of Henry Miller
An Unauthorised Biography 

Roland Mathias Snipe's Castle   LESLIE NORRIS 86

Glen Cavaliero A Reading of E. M. Forster   RICHARD PARKINSON 88

Gamel Woolsey Twenty Eight Sonnets; The Last Leaf Falls; Middle Earth

Kenneth Hopkins Llewelyn Powys, An Essay   ELIZABETH HARVEY 92

Kim Taplin The English Path   JEREMY HOOKER 94

Number Seven Winter 1980 Volume II iii

Editorial 5

Mary Casey A Tribute by Glen Cavaliero 6

Mary Casey Poems for her uncles and aunts 9

Cedric Hentschel The Improbable Belligerent:
The Role of John Cowper Powys in Two World Wars 14

Ichiro Hara John Cowper Powys and Zen 24

Cicely Hill "Susukeshi Hina Mo": John Cowper Powys and the Chuang-Tse Legacy 35

John Cowper Powys The Philosopher Kwang (1923) 45

Ian Hughes Allusion, Illusion, and Reality: Fact and Fiction in Wolf Solent  49

John Cowper Powys Wolf Solent: a letter to his brother Llewelyn 51

Sylvia Townsend Warner East Chaldon and T. F. Powys 59

Glen Cavaliero The Powys Family and Dorset 71

Marius Buning Mappowder Revisited: T. F. Powys's Reading in Retirement 78

Denys Val Baker The Powys Family: Some Memories of the Mid-Forties 87

Letters to the Editor 89

Reviews 91

Notes on Contributors 111

Belinda Humfrey Recollections of the Powys Brothers   JEREMY HOOKER 91

Keith Sagar The Life of D. H. Lawrence: An Illustrated Biography

Myron Matlaw, ed. American Popular Entertainment: Papers and Proceedings
of the Conference on the History of American Popular Entertainment
(Lincoln Center, 1977) PETER DAVISON 96

V. S. Pritchett The Myth Makers   T. J. WINNIFRITH 99

Robert Gittings The Older Hardy   T. R. M. CREIGHTON 100

Phyllis Rose Woman of Letters:A Life of Virginia Woolf   ALLEN McLAURIN 104

Charles Osborne W. H. Auden, The Life of a Poet   LAWRENCE NORMAND 106

Gerald Brenan Thoughts in a Dry Season: A Miscellany   JOHN BATCHELOR 107

John Ackerman Welsh Dylan   JOHN PRESS 108

Number Eight 1980/1981 Volume II iv

Editorial 5

John Cowper Powys's After My Fashion:  a series of views.
(Glen Cavaliero, Ben Jones, Cedric Hentschel, Kim Taplin, G. Wilson Knight, T. J. Diffey) 8

Emyr Humphreys A Perpetual Curate 22

John Hodgson On Reading Porius  28

Ben Jones John Cowper Powys's Literary Criticism: Continuity and Context 39

Denis Lane John Cowper Powys, Thomas Hardy and the Faces of Nature 48

Mary Barham Johnson The Powys Mother 57

J. E. Roberts Two Photographs of John Cowper Powys 65

Gamel Woolsey to Alyse Gregory: Some Letters 1930-1957,
edited by Kenneth Hopkins 68

Reviews 79

Notes on Contributors 91

M. Krissdottir John Cowper Powys and the Magical Quest. BEN JONES 79

Sylvia Townsend Warner Twelve Poems. CLAlRE HARMAN 81

Brian Finney Christopher Isherwood, A Critical Biography.

Frank Gloversmith, ed. Class, Culture and Social Change A New View of the 1930s. PETER MILES 83

Brian Lee Theory and Personality: The Significance of T. S. Eliot's Criticism. PATRICK PARRINDER 86

Tom Earley Rebel's Progress. GILLIAN CLARKE 87

R. L. Caserio Plot, Story and the Novel: From Dickens and Poe to the Modern Period. PHILIP BENTLEY 89

Number Nine 1981/1982 Volume III i

Editorial 5

John Cowper Powys Glastonbury: "Author's Review", (1932) 7

Penny Smith The "Cave of the man-eating Mothers": its location in A Glastonbury Romance  10

Ned Lukacher "Between Philology and Psychology": Cronos, Dostoievsky and the Language
of Myth in John Cowper Powys's A Glastonbury Romance  18

John Hodgson Springtime Out of Winter: John Cowper Powys,
A Glastonbury Romance  and Spengler 27

John Cowper Powys Sacco-Vanzetti and Epochs, The Moon over Megalopolis, (1929) 37

John Thomas "The King Edgar Chapel Man": Bond, Glastonbury, and the 'Alternative' Theory of Gothic Architecture 39

Peter Foss Llewelyn Powys: The Heart of Darkness 44

Two portrait sketches:

Llewelyn Powys, 1930, by Reginald Marsh, with information by Philip Larkin   57

T. F. Powys, 1924, by Clifford Webb, with a reminiscence
by Mrs. Clifford
Webb (Ella Monkton)  59

Theodora Scutt Theodore Powys, (1934-1953) 60

Ronald Hall The Old Man With The Praise (1952) 77

Reviews 81

Notes on Contributors 91

Andrew Motion The Poetry of Edward Thomas. R. GEORGE THOMAS 81

Donald Mitchell Britten and Auden in the Thirties: The Year 1936.

Walter Allen The Short Story in English. J. I. M. STEWART 84

Michael Rosenthal Virginia Woolf. ALLEN SAMUELS 85

Jeremy Hawthorn Joseph Conrad: Language and Fictional Self-Consciousness.

Kenneth F. Day Eden Phillpotts on Dartmoor. GLEN CAVALIERO 87

J. R. Lloyd Thomas Moth or Phoenix. JOHN RYDER 88

Number Ten 1981/1982 (Spring 1982) Volume III ii

Editorial 5

J. Lawrence Mitchell Ray Garnett as Illustrator 9

John Williams Theodore Powys: " all good books tell the same tale " 29

Theodora Scutt Theodore Powys, 1934- 1953: a continuation 42

Stephen Powys Marks A. R. Powys: a sketch of his life and work 49

John Thomas The Shock of the New: A. R. Powys and Building Repair 67

Oliver Holt Littleton Powys 73

Littleton Powys Llandovery 50 years ago (1955) 82

John Baker John Cowper Powys in Corwen 85

J. C. Powys and James Hanley in Corwen, c. 1935  (photographs) 87

Reviews 89

Notes on Contributors 105

John Rhys Celtic Folklore Welsh and Manx. D. SIMON EVANS 89

William Blissett The Long Conversation: A Memoir of David Jones.

Gunther Stuhlmann Henry Miller: Letters to Anais Nin. PARIS LEARY 90

Adelaide Ross Reverie. PETER EASINGWOOD 92

Patrick Grant Six Modern Authors and Problems of Belief. LIONEL ADEY 94

Victoria Glendinning Edith Sitwell: A Unicorn Among Lions. ALAN MUNTON 96

M. A. Screech Rabelais. TREVOR PEACH 98

Rex Hunter The Saga of Sinclair. JOHN S. MACALISTER 100

Paul Fussell Abroad: British Literary Travelling Between the Wars.

Number Eleven 1982/83 Volume III iii

Paris Leary Welsh Poem 5

Penny Smith "Seeking the Line of Escape":
Freedom and Freewill in John Cowper Powys's Early Novels 8

John Cowper Powys "Remembrances": Weymouth Sands (1933) 16

Margaret Moran The Vision and Revision of John Cowper Powys's Weymouth Sands  18

Susan Huxtable Selly Mysticism, Trivia and Sensations: Observations on Weymouth Sands  32

Elizabeth Tombs Women in Weymouth Sands  46

John Cowper Powys James Joyce ( 1932) 56

Elmar Schenkel A Sense of Connectedness: Hugo Kükelhaus and John Cowper Powys 61

Bernard Jones Some Observations on Hardy's Letters 74

Reviews 86

Letters to the Editor 102

Notes on Contributors 104

Jeremy Hooker Englishman's Road  ROY FISHER 86

Edna Longley A Language Not To Be Betrayed
Roland Gant Edward Thomas on the Countryside

Gamel Woolsey The Weight of Human Hours  JOHN S. MACALISTER 89

Kenneth Hopkins Collected Poems 1935-1965  , Collected Poems 1966-1977

Humphrey Carpenter W. H. Auden: A Biography
Edward Mendelson Early Auden

John Batchelor The Edwardian Novelists  CHRISTOPHER ROLFE 95

Robert Green Ford Madox Ford: Prose and Politics  CEDRIC HENTSCHEL 96

Julian Symons Critical Observations  STUART LAING 99

Number Twelve 1982/1983 (Spring 1983) Volume III iv

Editorial 5

Michel Pouillard Woman and Women in T. F. Powys's Novels 7

lan Hughes A Poor Ragged Maiden: The Textual History of Maiden Castle  17

T. J. Diffey John Cowper Powys and Thomas Hardy 26

Furse Swann Thomas Hardy and the "Appetite for Joy" 39

Charles Lock Confessions of Two Brothers   49

Peter Foss The Confessions of a Diarist 59

Gamel Woolsey A Selection of her Letters to Llewelyn Powys 1930-1939
edited by KENNETH HOPKINS 67

Alyse Gregory Some Letters to Mary Casey 84

Reviews 86

Reports and Requests 107

Notes on Contributors 109

Mary Casey Full Circle; Christophoros  KIM TAPLIN 86

G. H. Neville; ed. Carl Baron A Memoir of D. H. Lawrence (The Betrayal)
D. H. Lawrence; ed. Mara Kalnins Apocalypse and Other Writings on Revelation

Rex Hunter And Tomorrow Comes  PETER FOSS 90

Sydney Bolt A Preface to James Joyce
Dominic Manganiello Joyce's Politics

Helen Gardner In Defence of the Imagination  ALLEN SAMUELS 94

Claire Harman, ed. The Collected Poems of Sylvia Townsend Warner

Kathleen Raine; ed. Brian Keeble The Inner Journey of the Poet
Sandra Anstey, ed. Critical Writings on R. S. Thomas

Publications Received:
Bernard Jones William Barnes; Thomas Hardy  G.CAVALIERO 105

Jeremy Hooker and Gweno Lewis, eds. Selected Poems of Alun

Number Thirteen 1983/1984 Volume IV i

Martin Steinmann Jr T. F. Powys and Tradition 5

Patrick Parrinder The Age of Fantasy 16

Elizabeth Barrett "The Borderland of the Miraculous": Romance and Naturalism in
John Cowper Powys's A Glastonbury Romance  20

Tony Head Method in Madness: Sublimity and Bathos in the Major Novels of
John Cowper Powys 33

Ben Jones Who Converted Gaffer Barge? 42

G. Wilson Knight John Cowper Powys's "The Ridge": an Interpretation 44

Tom Copeman Hart A Printer and a Powys 49

Charles Rogers Recollections of a Montacute Boot Boy 59

Letters to the Editor 64

Reviews 70

Notes on Contributors 92

C. A. Coates John Cowper Powys in Search of a Landscape  JEREMY HOOKER 70

Bertrand Russell & J. C. Powys; introd. M. Moran Is Modern Marriage
a Failure?

J. A. W. Bennett Poetry of the Passion: Studies in Twelve Centuries of English Verse

Ed. L. Huber & J. J. White Musil in Focus  CEDRIC HENTSCHEL 76

Allon White The Uses of Obscurity & The Fiction of Early Modernism

Leonard Unger Eliot's Compound Ghosts: Influence and Confluence

Gillian E. Hanscombe The Art of Life: Dorothy Richardson and the Development of Feminist Consciousness  ALLEN McLAURIN 81

Daniel Farson Henry: An Appreciation of Henry Williamson  H. P. COLLINS 83

Richard Johnstone The Will to Believe: Novelists of the Nineteen-thirties

T. R. Fyvel George Orwell: A Personal Memoir  PETER DAVISON 87

Frances Donaldson P. G. Wodehouse: The Authorized Biography  J. N. DAWSON 89

Thomas Merton; ed. Brother Patrick Hart The Literary Essays

Number Fourteen 1984 Volume IV ii

Llewelyn Powys The Necrophilias (with a Note by Peter J. Foss) 3

Glen Cavaliero The Novels of Phyllis Paul 6

Eigra Lewis Roberts Words that Burn 11

A. Thomas Southwick John Cowper Powys in America: The Letters to Marian 17

J. C. Powys to Marian on A. R. Powys's death: a letter 26

L. A. Powys A Poem for his Father, John Cowper Powys, (8 October 1948) 28

T. J. Diffey John Cowper Powys: Some Thoughts about his Imagination 29

Roy Fisher A Poem from Diversions, Second Series  44

Some letters from J. C. Powys in Wales to Hal and Violet Trovillion, Illinois (1949-1961) 45

Wolfgang Kehr J. C. Powys in Conversation, Corwen, 1954 51

Rolf Italiaander An award to J. C. Powys, Blaenau Ffestiniog, 1957 54

A. J. Brothers J. C. Powys on Aristophanes's Acharnians: an Introduction 58

John Cowper Powys The Acharnians  (c. 1948-1950) 60

Laurence Coupe The Comic Vision of T. F. Powys 72

Tributes to Derrick Stephens 77

Cedric Hentschel Review article: The Brothers Powys , Richard Perceval Graves 78

Reviews 87

Notes on Contributors 105

Llewelyn Powys Dorset Essays: Earth Memories  PAUL ROBERTS 87

Thomas Jackson Rice English Fiction, 1900-1950  Vol. II MARGARET EATON 88

Michael Millgate Thomas Hardy: A Biography  JOAN GRUNDY 90

Graham Holderness D. H. Lawrence: History, Ideology and Fiction

Edward Thomas Wales  ROLAND MATHIAS 93

Anthony Berridge, ed. The Letters of Edward Thomas to Jesse Berridge

Harry Blamires Twentieth-Century Light Literature  ANDREW HASSAM 97

Ann Matsa American Literature in Context IV, 1900-1950  ALLEN SAMUELS 99

J. Hillis Miller Fiction and Repetition  RICHARD MACHIN 100

Carol Jones Late in the Day  ISLWYN FFOWC ELIS 102

Number Fifteen 1984/1985 Volume IV iii

Editorial 1

John Cowper Powys Llewelyn Powys, Writer (from "Four Brothers", 1925) 11

Ian Hughes A Virgin with No Name: The Beginnings of Maiden Castle  14

Susan Rands Maiden Castle: Symbol, Theme and Personality 22

Angela Blaen Maiden Castle  and the Celtic Calendar 32

John Cowper Powys The Magic of Detachment (1933) 35, Egotism and Impersonality (1934) 38

R. G. Felton: To J. C. Powys 41

David Goodway The Politics of John Cowper Powys 42

Jack V. Barbera A Powys's Bridal Night and Stevie Smith 53

Bryn Gunnell T. F. Powys in his Time 55

Simon Barker "Embroiderers of Tales", Review-article: Anglo-Welsh Poetry 1480-1980  Raymond Garlick & Roland Mathias, eds. 64

Reviews 70

Letter to the Editor: Ichiro Hara: A Tribute 89

Notes on Contributors 90

Roland Mathias Burning Brambles: Selected Poems 1944-1979  EDWIN MORGAN 70

J. Lawrence Mitchell T. F. Powys  MARIUS BUNING 72

C. Hentschel, ed. Powys to Eric the Red: The Letters . . . to Sven-Eric Tackmark
[Sven Erik Täckmark]  
R. Blackmore, ed. Powys to Knight: The Letters . . . to G. R. Wilson Knight

C. Hentschel, ed. Powys to Eric the Red: The Letters . . . to Sven-Eric Tackmark
[Sven Erik Täckmark]  

Anne Wilson Traditional Romance and Tale  MALDWYN MILLS 76

John Pilling Autobiography and Imagination: Studies in Self-Scrutiny

Frances Spalding Vanessa Bell  JUDITH COLLINS 79

C. A. Hankin, ed. The Letters of John Middleton Murray to Katherine Mansfield

Glen Cavaliero Charles Williams, Poet of Theology  MURRAY J. EVANS 84

Bernard Oldsey, ed. Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 15: British Novelists, 1930-1959  PETER MILES 86

Number 16 1985 Volume IV iv

Theo Dunnet J. C. Powys in the 1890s (with 14 photographs) 4

Glen Cavaliero John Cowper Powys: Space Traveller 24

N. L. Rothman "A Spiritual Tragedy": an American review of Wolf Solent, (1929) 32

Paul Roberts Becoming Mr Nobody: Personality and the Philosophy of John Cowper Powys 34

Morine Krissdottir G. R. Wilson Knight: "Master in Discernment" 44

John Cowper Powys D. H. Lawrence (1932) 52

Letters to the Editor 55

Reviews 58

Notes on Contributors 77

G. Wilson Knight Klinton Top  PETER FOSS 58

Ralph W. V. Elliott Thomas Hardy's English  BERNARD JONES 60

Donald Stanford, ed. John Masefield: Letters to Margaret Bridges

John Holloway The Slumber of Apollo: Reflections on Recent Art  J. R. WATSON 64

Lynette Hunter George Orwell: The Search for a Voice  ALLEN SAMUELS 65

Jeremy Hawthorn, ed. Criticism and Critical Theory  CATHERINE BELSEY 68

Richard Poole, ed. Fiction as Truth: Selected Literary Writings by Richard Hughes

Jeremy Hooker Poetry of Place: Essays and Reviews 1970-1981  PETER LEWIS 72

Emyr Humphreys The Taliesin Tradition  CARY ARCHARD 74

Number 17 1985 Volume V i

Roland Mathias John Cowper Powys and 'Wales'. A Limited Study 5

Colin Style On Hardy's Sacred Ground: John Cowper Powys's Weymouth Sands  27

Peter G. Christensen Middlemarch: A Point of Reference in Weymouth Sands  39

Margaret Moran Premonitory Hints and Embryo Suggestions in J. C. Powys's Wood and Stone
and Rodmoor  48

G. Wilson Knight: The Editor's Preface 56

Francis Berry G. Wilson Knight: His Life and Work 58

Reviews 63

Letters to the Editor 81

Notes on Contributors 83

Gillian Clarke Selected Poems  ANN STEVENSON 63

Gwyn A. Williams When was Wales? A History of the Welsh
Wynford Vaughan Thomas Wales: A History

John Cowper Powys Paddock Calls  ANTHONY HEAD 67

Valentine Ackland For Sylvia: An Honest Account  CLAIRE HARMAN 70

Kenneth Hopkins, ed. The Letters of Gamel Woolsey To Llewelyn Powys, 1900-1939
The Collected Poems of Gamel Woolsey  JOHN HARRIES 72

Richard Taylor, ed. Emma Hardy Diaries  BARRIE SAYWOOD 74

Patrick Parrinder James Joyce  WILLIAM BAKER 76

Kenneth Hopkins Bertrand Russell and Gamel Woolsey  CARL SPADONI 79

Number Eighteen 1986 Volume V ii

Glen Cavaliero The Comic Spirit in the Novels and Fantasies of John Cowper Powys 5

Meirion Pennar In Search of the Real Glendower 20

John [Cowper] Powys Mordaunt Ap Gryfith. A tale (A schoolboy's incomplete manuscript romance, introduced by Belinda Humfrey) 24

Ian Hughes The Genre of John Cowper Powys's Major Novels 29

Susan Rands Rodmoor: Aspects of its Provenance and Direction 39

Jacqueline Peltier American Landscapes in John Cowper Powys's Letters
to His Brother Llewelyn 48

John Cowper Powys Drought and the River Bed (a poem) 60

T. J. Diffey A Visit to Mrs Lily Brooks, 5 June 1985   62

Angela Blaen The Wisht Hound Tradition and T. F. Powys's Mark Only  66

Editor's Obituary Note:
Philip Larkin and H. P. Collins 69

Reviews 70

Notes on Contributors 95

R. S. Thomas Ingrowing Thoughts  STEPHEN BANN 70

Michael Carter George Orwell and the Problem of Authentic Existence

Llewelyn Powys Black Laughter  JOHN HARRIS 74

T. W. Rolleston Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race  DEREK BRYCE 76

D. Helen Allday Insurrection in Wales  DAFYDD HUW EVANS 78

Ruth Danon Work in the English Novel: The Myth of Vocation

P. N. Furbank Pound  J. P. SULLIVAN 82

Patrick Bridgwater The German Poets of the First World War

Roderick Watson MacDiarmid  EDWIN MORGAN 90

Publications Received 92

Number Nineteen 1986 Volume V iii

J. Lawrence Mitchell The Education of T. F. Powys 3

Michael Ballin John Cowper Powys's Porius  and the Dialectic of History 20

Dorothee von Huene Greenberg Stone Worship and the Search for Community in John Cowper Powys's A Glastonbury Romance  36

Oliver Marlow Wilkinson The Letters of Frances and Jack 43

Frederick Davies Recollections of John Cowper Powys and Phyllis Playter: Part One 58

Notices 66

Reviews 67

Notes on Contributors 89

T. F. Powys Mr Weston's Good Wine  MARTIN STEINMANN 67

Roy Fisher A Furnace  JEREMY HOOKER 71

Edward Larrissy William Blake  DESIREE HIRST 73

David Punter The Hidden Script: Writing and the Unconscious

Raymond H. Thompson The Return from Avalon: A Study of the Arthurian Legend in Modern Fiction  T. A. SHIPPEY 78

Andrew Rutherford, ed. Early Verse by Rudyard Kipling 1879-1889

R. George Thomas Edward Thomas: A Portrait  LESLIE NORRIS 81

Gwyn Thomas Sorrow For Thy Sons  PETER MILES 83

Fleur Adcock Selected Poems  GILLIAN CLARKE 85

Roger Fowler Linguistic Criticism  ANDREW HASSAM 87

Number 20 1987 Volume V iv

T. F. Powys This Is Thyself Introduced and annotated by J. Lawrence Mitchell 5

Susan Rands Aspects of the Topography of A Glastonbury Romance  27

Margaret Woolf J . C. Powys's Autobiography in the light of
The Letters to His Brother Llewelyn  41

Frederick Davies Recollections of John Cowper Powys and Phyllis Playter: Part Two 47

Glen Cavaliero, Gordon Wynne, Margaret Woolf
Lucy Amelia Penny (née Powys) 1890-1986 58

Alyse Gregory Philippa Powys 66

Frank Warren Winter at Chydyok: A Reverie 70

Reviews 71

Notes on Contributors 94

H. W. Fawkner The Ecstatic World of John Cowper Powys  T. J. DIFFEY 71

A. O. J. Cockshut The Art of Autobiography  BARBARA DENNIS 74

Marius Buning T. F. Powys: A Modern Allegorist  JEREMY HOOKER 76

John Cowper Powys Three Fantasies  IAN HUGHES 78

Louis L. Martz, ed. George Herbert and Henry Vaughan  HELEN WILCOX 81

J. B. Bullen The Expressive Eye: Fiction and Perception in the Work
Thomas Hardy  ARLENE M. JACKSON 83

Trevor Rowley The Landscape of the Welsh Marches

Leslie Norris Selected Poems  ROBERT MINHINNICK 88

John Cowper Powys Horned Poppies . . .  BERNARD JONES 90

Number 21 1987-1988 Volume VI i

Tony Brown "On the Screen of Eternity": Some Aspects of R. S. Thomas's Prose 5

Charles Lock "To Ravage and Redeem": Maiden Castle   and the Violation of Form 16

Peter Christensen Wessex 1272: History in John Cowper Powys's The Brazen Head  28

H. W. Fawkner John Cowper Powys and Ontotheology 35

Ben Jones John Cowper Powys in Mexico 49

Patricia Vaughan Dawson Etchings and Sculptures Suggested by Scenes
from J. C. Powys's Porius  50

Reviews 60

Notes on Contributors 79

Mary Casey The Kingfisher's Wing  GLEN CAVALIERO 60

Vilhelm Ekelund The Second Light  CEDRIC HENTSCHEL 61

Noel Kennedy Thomas Henry Vaughan: Poet of Revelation  GARETH ROBERTS 63

Joan H. Harding From Fox Howe to Fairy Hill. Matthew Arnold's Celtic Connections

John Halperin Gissing: A Life in Books  ANDREW HASSAM 66

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