Paul Roberts
John Cowper Powys, Margaret and Lily:
the Evidence of the Syracuse Manuscripts

Despite the renowned candour of his Autobiography and the publication of many volumes of his letters and diaries, there are periods of John Cowper Powys's life that are largely undocumented and remain obscure. The early years of his marriage and professional life as a lecturer in both Britain and America are one such period, broadly running from the mid-1890s to the death of his mother in 1914. The significance of that latter occurrence for Powys's writings becomes apparent in this analysis of several of his early works, some never completed, which remain in manuscripts in the archives at Syracuse University. In this ground-breaking essay, Paul Roberts, former Chairman of the Powys Society, looks at Powys's themes and their treatment in these works and speculates persuasively on their relation to both the outward circumstances of Powys's life and to his likely emotional and psychological condition.

210mm x 148mm, 28 pp. incl. 2 illus., card covers
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