John Cowper had many publishers, during his thirty years in America. Curiously, two of them were also his managers: Jessica Colbert and above all Arnold Shaw. While he was in San Francisco Jessica Colbert published Psychoanalysis and Morality. Claude Bragdon published Confessions of Two Brothers at his Manas Press. Haldeman-Julius Company also published him, especially in the famous Little Blue Books series. There were others: Dodd, Mead and Co for The Complex Vision andThe Religion of a Sceptic, Thomas Seltzer for Samphire, Doubleday, Page and Co for Ducdame, William Targ (Black Archer Press, Chicago) for The Owl, The Duck and - Miss Rowe! Miss Rowe!. Symon Gould (American Library Service) re-published Suspended Judgments in 1923 and W.W.Norton had asked Powys to write The Meaning of Culture as a companion book to Everett Martin's The Meaning of Education which was at that time a 'best-seller'. From 1929, Simon & Schuster became his main U.S. publishers.
Colgate University Press
Haldeman-Julius Company
G.Arnold Shaw
Lloyd Emerson Siberell
Simon & Schuster
Scofield Thayer
Hal & Violet Trovillion
J.S. Watson