Two Aids to the Reading of Porius

        The first and more important of these aids is entitled "John Cowper Powys's Porius: A Reader's Companion". It is an alphabetical listing along the lines of the late Robert Kunkel's "John Cowper Powys's Porius: A Partial Glossary of Proper Names" published in the 1998 Powys Journal, and attempts in addition to identify literary and biblical quotations, to explain references in Welsh, Greek, Latin and other languages, with added information Professor Keith found helpful in coming to terms with the novel/romance. All page-references are to Judith Bond and Morine Krissdóttir's edition of Porius published by Overlook Duckworth in 2007, with those to Wilbur T. Albrecht's 1994 edition from Colgate University Press following in square brackets. Because the editions are based on different copy-texts, some references appear only in one of the editions; when those occurring in only one version require separate annotation, they have been identified and glossed. The 54 page A4 document includes 1186 entries as a 928 kbytes PDF file, dated April 2009.

        The second document entitled "The Text of Porius: Corrections and Emendations" is a listing by page- and line-number offering corrections to the imperfect text of this 1994 edition as a 74 page, 124 kbytes PDF file, dated May 2004.